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The Care For Retired Police Dog fund is a private 501c3 non-profit organization formed in 2010 by Gigi M, Johnston , Thomas Marino Jr. Eric Lundstrom & Crystal Lundstrom and our newest member Alexa Rae Lundstrom. The purpose of the fund is to assist with the sometimes overwhelming bills associated with owning a retired police canine service animal.
Named after the Retired Suffolk County service dog’s,Care For Retired Police Dog fund helps pay the bills of retired police canines’ so they can live out the remainder of their lives in relative comfort. Typical expenses covered by the fund include food, veterinary treatments for routine and accidental injuries, periodic boarding costs, and memorial or funeral related bills.
While on active duty status, the Suffolk County police Department provides for the health care of our working canine partners. When a canine has become unsuitable for police patrol service work because of age or physical disability, the canine is retired from active duty. Once a canine is retired, the handler is offered the option of keeping the animal from the County and in doing so assumes the expenses associated with owning a retired service animal.

Retired police dogs don’t just suffer from the normal ailments associated with aging but also the serious wear and tear that comes from years of rigorous training and working, including arthritis, hip and knee injuries, torn ligaments, and back and spinal problems. The Hero Fund is dedicated to assisting with these bills. It is a small price to pay for all the hard work they gave and is our way of saying thanks.

In addition to public donations from individuals and corporations, The Care For Retired police Dogs periodically hosts fundraisers throughout the year such as Raffels, merchandise sales, and public demonstrations. It is with these funds that The Care For Retired Police Dogs of Suffolk County is able to ensure the health and comfort of our service canines in their post service years.

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